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Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service

Helping to preserve your client’s wealth for future generations.

  • Reduce or potentially eliminate Inheritance Tax (IHT).
  • After just two years qualifying investments are exempt from IHT.
  • Potential for your client’s portfolio to grow and pay dividends.
  • Your client retains full ownership of their investment.
  • £100,000 minimum investment.

Contact us today to find out if our Inheritance Tax Portfolio service is right for you.   


MICAP Reviewed:

The Charles Stanley IHT Portfolio Service has been reviewed by the independent Alternative Investment Research vehicle, MICAP.  For FREE access to the review and all other data and documents available on our IHT offering, please log in or register below.


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Inheritance Tax portfolio service

How does it work?

Our Inheritance Tax portfolio service helps your client to pass on more of their wealth by investing in Business Relief qualifying companies quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Business Relief qualifying companies that are held for a minimum of two years are exempt from Inheritance Tax (providing they are still held at the time of death).

Is this right for you?

As a financial adviser, you will be aware of the importance of tax and estate planning. With the increase in property prices over recent years, more and more of your clients’ will have found that the value of their estate is higher than the Inheritance Tax (IHT) nil rate band. If your client is comfortable taking a higher degree of risk, this service may be right for them.

A flexible solution

Your client retains full ownership of their investments and any income derived from them. Assets can also be sold at any time subject to liquidity (assets sold may no longer be exempt from IHT)

Reap the benefits quickly

Investments held in qualifying assets are exempt from Inheritance Tax in just two years – much quicker than a trust or gift.

Potential for growth

Many companies quoted on the Alternative Investment Market have emerged to become leaders in their field. This offers the potential for your client’s portfolio to grow and pay dividends.

Accessible wherever, whenever

With our online client portal, you can enjoy 24/7 access to view your client’s investment, deposit funds into their account and message us in a secure environment.

Charles Stanley

Your client can also hold AIM shares in their ISA

AIM shares that are held in an ISA are free from Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax and Inheritance Tax (if held for at least two years). This makes AIM one of the most tax-advantageous markets.

Charles Stanley

Heritage and independence.

When you work with Charles Stanley, you can feel confident that your clients’ investments are backed by more than 200 years’ proven experience. We are independently owned so our interests lie with you, not others. And with over 20 offices across the UK, you can take advantage of a local presence, wherever you might be based.