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Social Entrepreneurism

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Can social entrepreneurism create the greater good?

Our thought leadership exercise seeks to answer this question.

The problems of sustainability are not just environmental. There is a need to create a greater good for us as humans. As we become more aware of our levels of vulnerability across society, entrepreneurs are among those who are creating solutions to some of the most pressing problems of our times. Developing and implementing solutions to social, cultural and environmental issues.

Within this series, we look to a range of innovators across different industries and professions, with a series of articles and virtual roundtables to try and understand the possible impact of this social entrepreneurism.

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Kenwood: How modern tech is helping English Heritage in this much-loved corner of Hampstead Heath

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live and how we look after our nation’s heritage.

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The perspective of an award-winning endurance cyclist

Take a chance and don’t be afraid of change. If you never try you will never know!

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How many times must the bell toll?

Most of us believe that a large scale, global deployment of renewables is the future that we aim for. But are we doing this to save the planet or to save our lifestyle?

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Should we call impact investing what it really is? Philanthropy.

Today in a complex regulatory market, Donor Advised Funds provide enormous flexibility around donations, possible tax reliefs and the onward distribution of investment of that gift.

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Building Brighter Futures

The skills for today, not the future

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Working in partnership to improve working conditions

Brick kilns and coal mines are some of the worst working conditions in the sub-continent, many of the workers are part of a bonded labour force working to pay back a debt so high that many of them and their families may live and die on the kilns.

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COVID-19 recession a catalyst for entrepreneurial activity?

Will the COVID-19 recession be a catalyst for entrepreneurial activity and what role should tax policy play?

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The Rise of the Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs start businesses that are committed to dedicating some or all of their profits to a cause.

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