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How can fiduciary management help my scheme?

Your pension challenge

Pension schemes are under the spotlight

We can provide the strong investment governance needed in today’s regulatory environment.

Your scheme liabilities are a moving target.

This means that your investments should be managed with an in depth understanding of your liabilities and the risks that you face. We provide the high level of skill, resources and analysis that this demands.

Market conditions are increasingly complex and constantly evolving.

Our experienced multi-asset investment team provides the oversight required to maintain control of your strategy and take action as conditions change.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. 

Implementing a sophisticated long-term investment plan is critical to effective management of risk and will give you the best chance of achieving your ultimate goal. Our portfolio managers work with you to build a suitable plan, allowing you to take control of your pension scheme.

Our approach to Fiduciary Management

Developing a strategy

Understanding your scheme

We begin by making a detailed assessment of your scheme, helping you to understand the risks that come from your scheme’s liabilities as well as your investments and demonstrating how to manage those risks.

Mapping a new direction

Our expert team will take the time to understand and agree your scheme’s specific objectives. This helps us to develop a bespoke long-term flight-plan that works for you.

Moving to a new strategy

We will arrange the initial transfer of assets onto Charles Stanley’s custody platform, building your bespoke investment portfolio and taking responsibility for delivering the agreed flight plan.

Managing your portfolio

We will monitor your risk and investments on an ongoing basis, making adjustments where necessary to ensure your scheme remains on track.

Keeping you informed

Comprehensive reporting ensures that you maintain control of your scheme and its strategy, and your portfolio managers can be contacted directly at any time.