Estate Planning

How can you mitigate your inheritance tax bill?

Inheritance tax (IHT) planning can be difficult because different emotions and expectations often collide. Think about your situation and start early so you don’t leave it too late.

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Get a clear picture with our IHT planning service

We’ll help you understand what you can do to mitigate the IHT liability on your assets. Strike the right balance between giving money away now and retaining control by:

Calculating how much IHT your beneficiaries may need to pay.

Assessing your financial situation, exploring what you’d like to achieve and considering the options for reducing IHT on your estate.

Encouraging you to have conversations with your family so that everyone has an opportunity to talk about what’s important to them.

Making you aware of all the reliefs, allowances and exemptions available for gifting money and assets to family, friends and the causes you support.

What are the potential IHT liabilities on your estate?

Use our IHT calculator to find out how much tax your beneficiaries might have to pay. Speak to our planners to explore how we can help you find efficient ways to pass on your wealth to others.

Why our foundation IHT service could be right for you

There are many ways to preserve more of your wealth. One of the main advantages of starting to plan early is that it gives you the widest range of solutions.

You’d like to mitigate the IHT liability on your assets

We’ll help you explore the options for giving money away and leaving it to others in tax-efficient ways

You don’t want to leave anyone with an unexpected IHT bill

We’ll find ways to organise and structure your assets so there are no surprises when you pass away.

You’re worried that you’ve left IHT planning too late

Although it’s best to start early, we’ll explore all of the options that are available at any stage of life.

You want to understand the latest rules and regulations

We’ll make sure you’re aware of the latest laws surrounding IHT that might impact your assets.

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What can you expect?

For a one-off fee, we’ll assess your situation and then create a plan setting out ways to mitigate the IHT liabilities on your estate.

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