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Read Henry's story about how after his current clients, Sue & Steve introduced their son, James, to Henry, they were able to build a common ground before James started investing with us. Request a call back Wealth Management Service

You aren’t alone if you’re feeling uncertain about the future.

Questions around job security, savings, and the economy mean that it’s never been more important to think about your financial situation and how you may want to share this with your loved ones.

Although conversations about money can be difficult, decisions are usually best taken together, as a family.

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Diversity in our team

I am one of the younger generation of investment managers at Charles Stanley, and I work in a tightknit team including Hugo Akerman, a Director of Private Clients with a longer tenure.

This diversity within our team allows us to offer a range of different perspectives and we find this particularly helpful when considering family wealth and looking after multiple generations.

Although my client base is diverse, I usually work with the younger family members as we’re often at a similar stage of life, and I find it easy to develop a rapport with them.

Helping the next generation of our clients

A few months ago, our clients Sue and Steve were helping their son James, who is a lawyer, buy a house. As I was also buying my first flat at the time, James and I soon found common ground. Although he was initially sceptical about the world of investing, once we got chatting he was keen to know more.

Since then, James and I have met up a few times without his parents for a coffee and a chat. He was really interested to learn more about how Charles Stanley manages portfolios, and about financial markets and investing in general.

By helping James understand the investment process, I was able to reassure him that we’re looking out for his family’s best interests.

New to investing

He’s also learned about how investments provide a good opportunity to grow his money over the long term, and has added more money to his Charles Stanley ISA as a result.

During one of our chats, James mentioned that his younger sister, Anna, was also interested in getting to know a bit more about our company. Anna is a student, and we were happy to arrange for her to come and do a few days of work experience during the holidays.

Anna found the experience really useful, and she decided to open an account with our Direct Investment Service after learning more about the benefits of investing. 

The platform is a great starting point for first-time investors, and Anna liked the idea of being able to manage her investments online whenever she wanted.

Building strong relationships with our clients is at the heart of what we do, and this also means getting to know their families.

They’re all reassured that when any one of us isn't available, there’s always someone they know and trust here to talk to about their investments.

Henry Webster

Please note the client names in this story have been changed

About Henry

"I look after a diverse group of clients and I particularly enjoy the variety this brings to the job."

Henry Joined Charles Stanley in 2012 and qualified as an Investment Manager in 2015, having completed the CISI Masters in Wealth Management. Henry regularly attends meetings with companies’ management teams and fund managers to find appropriate investment opportunities for clients.

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