Opportunities in Adversity: Tough times make brilliant businesses

Read our latest report to find out how innovators can convert potential setbacks into stepping stones toward greater achievements.

What's included in the report?

With case studies from Tandem, Forest, Muc-Off and Samudra Oceans who all found opportunities in tough times, the report shows how adapting to changes, making smart pivots, and spotting opportunities in difficult situations can lead to greater business success.

Our report explores how we can learn from business failure

  • Building potential in tough times
    Explore how adversity not only tests but also builds business acumen, teaching vital lessons that pave the way to sustainable success
      • Embracing economic challenges: a blueprint for entrepreneurs
        The entrepreneurial path is fraught with uncertainties—each economic downturn and market disruption presents unique challenges as well as hidden opportunities
        • Unearthing opportunity-driven founders
          These leaders use their past setbacks as a launchpad for their current ventures, innovatively rising to meet and shape the demands of the new economic landscape

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        Did you know?


        of business owners view the current recession as an opportunity


        of UK business owners think that British entrepreneurship is about to boom


        of companies incorporated during the global financial crisis are still active today.

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