Navigating the challenges of personal wealth

In times of economic instability, your personal wealth can provide as many challenges as it does rewards. Our extensive research reveals the worries, aspirations, and attitudes that higher earners in the UK have towards money.
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Research at a glance

Our research (conducted in late 2022 with The Nursery) uncovered a wide range of views from high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs): from how they feel about discussing money with their families to how often they would seek financial advice in today’s challenging economic environment.


of high-net-worth individuals are concerned or very concerned about their financial futures.

More than 50%

do not feel comfortable talking to their families about money.


of younger HNWIs said they were concerned about the threat of recession and high inflation.

1 in 10

of respondents are concerned about recent life-changing situations such as bereavement or divorce.

'Prevention is better than cure'

Does the age-old motto still ring true when it comes to your financial wellbeing?

Guide to finding your financial wellbeing

We interviewed a range of high-net-worth individuals to find out the source of their financial stress and the best ways to address these challenges. Our latest guide uncovers:

  • The wide-ranging causes of financial worries
  • How to plan for the unexpected
  • The value of advice when you are experiencing financial stress
  • Compelling case studies and analysis
  • Tips and takeaways from professional Investment Managers

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It's time to talk money

Money and stress go hand in hand, yet few of us are willing to talk about our finances with loved ones. But often, these important conversations can help you avoid challenges later in life.

Guide on the taboo of talking about money

  • In our recent survey, we came to understand that 42% of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) said they were stressed about their financial situation some or most of the time; for the under 55s this rises to 62%. Yet many are suffering in silence with more than half saying money is a taboo subject within their families.
  • Download our latest guide which will explains some of the key themes facing high-net-worth individuals around the money taboo. Need additional support? Catch up on our recent webinar as our experts discussed the attitudes to wealth planning in the under 55s.
Our research

Balancing the needs of today with those of tomorrow

If you’re under 55 you’ve probably been focused on building your wealth in anticipation of the day when you can step back from work and enjoy the fruits of your labour. But if the current economic landscape has you worried about your financial freedom, you wouldn’t be on your own.

Guide on the role of financial advice for the next generation

  • Our research explores the key financial concerns of the under 55s and how this generation views wealth and the financial future. You’ll also discover the importance of taking financial advice as early as possible especially during economic instability.
  • Want extra insight? Check out our recent webinar below and hear from wealth planning experts; helping you understand your own circumstances and challenges.
Our research

Planning your wealth

Inflation may be falling, but 2023 looks set to be another difficult year for the British economy. How can you take back control of your finances? And what is the best way to protect your wealth and preserve it for the next generation?

Guide on preserving & protecting your personal wealth

  • Our research explores what UK high-net-worth individuals think about the impact of these issues on their financial plans. These themes were explored in a recent interview with Charles Stanley Investment Manager, Charlotte Lambeth. 
  • What can you do to preserve your wealth against inflation and market falls? Download our guide for actionable tips on your wealth management.

How can we help you?

Be confident about your financial situation, now and later in life with personalised financial advice and bespoke investment portfolios.

Wealth Management Service

Entrust your dedicated Financial Planner and Investment Manager to provide you with a holistic financial plan and personalised investment strategy.

  • We’ll explore your financial requirements to create a plan that matches your individual needs and goals.
  • We'll give you confidence in your investment decisions based on your investment strategy.
  • We’ll form a secure financial future for you and your loved ones.
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Holistic Financial Planning

A carefully designed financial plan can give you the freedom to do even more of the things you want to do and maybe even things you never thought possible.

  • We'll create a financial plan that matches your individual needs and objectives.
  • We can help you become more tax-efficient with your savings with our range of planning tools and techniques.
  • Professional expertise on hand to organise your investments to ensure you are comfortable with your financial decisions.
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Bespoke Investment Service

Entrust a dedicated expert to make investment decisions on your behalf. We’ll monitor and adjust your portfolio to make sure you don't miss out on opportunities or are exposed to unnecessary risks.

  • We'll construct a bespoke portfolio based on your circumstances and investment objectives.
  • You’ll have direct contact with your Investment Manager, so you can speak to the person responsible for your portfolio.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your investments are being continuously monitored and adjusted.
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