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Get ready for Tax Year End

A new financial year often brings key tax changes with it. Join our panel of personal finance experts and learn how to ensure your savings and investments are tax efficient.

29th Feb 2024 Webinar

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How can you prepare your finances for the end of tax year?

During this webinar our personal finance experts, Rob Morgan and Lisa Caplan, reveal actionable steps to assess your financial strategy ahead of April 5th.

Watch the webinar

  • Get organised

Learn the essential dates and 'to dos' leading up to Tax Year End with an engaging overview.

  • Maximise tax benefits

Unlock the mysteries of pension tax relief, Capital Gains Tax, Dividend Tax, and more.

  • Learn from the experts

Our panel of personal finance experts will answer your Tax Year End questions, sharing invaluable insights and practical tips.

What's included?

Are you ready to invest?

Explore investment readiness and understand the factors to consider before making financial commitments.

ISAs vs SIPPs vs pensions

Gain insights into various investment account types available and determine which aligns best with your financial goals.

Market overview

Receive a comprehensive overview of the current market conditions, trends, and potential opportunities.

Pension tax relief - how it works

Delve into the intricacies of pension tax relief and learn how to maximise this benefit for a secure retirement.

Capital Gains Tax / Dividend Tax explained

Unpack the complexities of Capital Gains Tax and Dividend Tax, and discover effective strategies to manage your tax liabilities.

Investment options

We explore the main things to think about when choosing investments and constructing your portfolio.

Meet the panel

Erica Whyte

Erica Whyte


Erica is a presenter and digital content creator from Toronto, Canada. Prior to her role as Spokesperson and Head of Content Strategy at Charles Stanley, Erica was a live events host and reporter in various cities in the United States.

Rob Morgan

Rob Morgan

Chief Analyst

Rob has over 20 years' experience in Financial Services and has worked as a financial adviser, pension specialist and investment analyst. He currently specialises in researching actively-managed funds and he regularly writes about investments, markets and personal finances.

Lisa Caplan

Lisa Caplan

OneStep Financial Plans Director

A chartered Financial planner, using technology to make it easier for people to move forward towards financial wellbeing. Lisa combines digital experience gained at Nutmeg with Financial planning knowledge gained over thirteen years working in personal finance.

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