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The role of advice for the next generation

Catch up on our recent webinar as our experts discussed the attitudes to wealth planning in the under 55s.

19th Apr 2023 Webinar

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Key topics covered

Balancing your needs

Learn how to balance your financial commitments now whilst protecting your wealth for the future.

Attitudes to wealth

Understand how under-55s view their wealth and how the current financial climate has impacted their priorities.

Attitudes to advice

Discover the key concerns of this generation and how financial advice can help provide peace of mind.

Balancing the needs of today with those of tomorrow

Catch up with our panel of experts as they looked at the attitudes to wealth planning; helping you understand your own circumstances and challenges or, those of the next generation that you are looking to pass your wealth down to.

Meet the hosts

Joanna Gosling

Joanna Gosling

Television presenter, broadcast journalist and author

Joanna is a very experienced broadcaster, with 30 years’ worth of experience working in radio and television under her belt. Previously, she has worked for Sky and ITN and is now one of the best-known faces on BBC news, as the main mid-morning anchor on the News Channel.

Ellie Austin-Williams

Ellie Austin-Williams

Financial expert, writer, and founder of This Girl Talks Money

Bored of seeing the same old financial information written by middle-aged men, Ellie founded the online community ‘This Girl Talks Money’ to discuss a subject that often seems impenetrable to younger generations. Working as a graduate in the city, she had become disillusioned with the lack of accessible and up-to-date financial education content for women in their twenties and thirties, so decided to fill that gap by sharing her learnings about financial well-being online.

Harry Bell

Harry Bell

Director of Financial Planning, Charles Stanley

Harry joined Charles Stanley in 2022 as a Director of Financial Planning. Harry specialises in advising successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and wealthy families on holistic financial matters including wealth structuring, investment management, inheritance tax planning and retirement planning, often working alongside his client’s other professional advisers.

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