We Need To Talk About Investing – Ep. 12: How to save for your retirement

In the latest episode of We Need To Talk About Investing, we're featuring our most recent webinar on retirement saving.

| 58 min listen

We need to talk about saving for retirement.

Do you know how much you’ll need to retire? Do you understand the full picture of your retirement savings?

Listen to our panel of financial experts to learn the benefits and advantages of using a pension to save for retirement. In this engaging and interactive 45-minute episode, we explain, how tax relief can ‘supercharge’ your retirement savings, the different types of pensions, how to check you are saving enough, how to invest for retirement and build a portfolio, and when it’s sensible to consolidate your pensions.


  • Erica Whyte, Spokesperson, Charles Stanley
  • Lisa Caplan, OneStep Financial Planning Director, Charles Stanley
  • Rob Morgan, Chief Analyst, Charles Stanley
  • Stuart Millan, OneStep Foundation Planner, Charles Stanley

Be more prepared

Are you on track for your dream retirement? Get a better understanding of your savings with our retirement saving insights, guides and calculators.

Are you a beginner investor?

If you enjoyed the episode, you might like to check out our Learning Centre YouTube series. Each lesson covers a new investment topic, helping you to understand the basics, bust the jargon, and break down the barriers to investing.

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We Need To Talk About Investing – Ep. 12: How to save for your retirement

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