Introducing Investor Meet Company

An innovative online service that offers private investors access to company presentations.

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Interaction and collaboration through the internet have accelerated over the past year during lockdowns and enforced home working – and it has never been easier. We can keep in contact with family, friends and colleagues via various social media apps and video conferencing services. Contact across countries and continents whenever we need it is now the norm.

Companies are increasingly adopting this means of interaction with their investors too. Due to the physical restrictions currently placed on all of us, presentations to analysts and shareholders are now taking place online. It may even represent a catalyst for change in the way companies communicate going forwards, and that’s something likely to benefit the private investor.

A digital solution to shareholder engagement

Smaller shareholders often find it difficult to gain direct access to a company’s management team around company announcements in the same way as large, institutional do. They can be overlooked when the board’s focus is primarily on the major holders. To be fair, it can be a struggle for companies to engage with a widely spread investor base, both geographically and across a myriad of trading platforms. However, if meeting a company is so important to major institutional investors’ decision-making process, why isn’t the same opportunity available to private investors?

Fortunately, a digital solution brings the answer. Investor Meet Company is a new digital platform that provides individual investors with free access to UK listed companies for live interactive management presentations on the same basis as institutional investors. For the first time everyone can be part of an investor ‘roadshow’, regardless of the number of shares they own or where they live. It’s a platform open to everybody, and any listed company can sign up.

About Investor Meet Company

Investor Meet Company was created in 2018 in response to the challenges faced by individual investors and companies wanting to connect. The service offers all investors access to live listed company management presentations, direct interaction to ask management questions and a feedback function. We think it’s a great way to gain a greater understanding of listed companies, their business models and to directly voice opinions to management, providing all investors with the same clarity of information to make a more informed investment decision. It’s also a useful tool for companies to canvass views from a wide variety of shareholders, and a convenient way to offer prospective investors more information.

The service also serves as a useful reminder tool for important announcements that matter to you. By following a company that is signed up to the service, you will automatically receive notification of the date of the results as well as being invited to become part of the online investor roadshow. You can also look back and access previous presentations.

The platform is engaged with and onboarding hundreds of companies and the number should continue to expand over time. We support it as a way of levelling the playing field to give individual investors the same opportunity as institutional investors in accessing company information and views.

Find out more and use the service for free on the Investor Meet Company website. They also now have a YouTube channel containing company updates you can follow here.

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Introducing Investor Meet Company

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