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Corporate Social Responsibility

Charles Stanley, the Board and senior managers within the Group are committed to ensuring the Group interacts responsibly with its employees, clients, shareholders and the wider environment.


The Group has a Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) Policy, the implementation and management of which is recognised as a Group-wide responsibility. Each year we aim to develop our CSR Policy and practices in our four key areas:

  • Business Integrity
  • Our People
  • Environment
  • The Community

Our Charity of the Year

Our Charity of the Year 2021/22

Open Palm’s mission is to create fairer opportunities for people to thrive, regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic background. They do this through delivering free educational life-skills programmes to under-18s, improving learning environments and addressing racial inequality.

Open Palm

Our Charity of the Year Champion

Ralph McBaiden

Ralph works in our Finance Department as Business Partner in the London head office; having worked at Charles Stanley since 2018. Ralph and his wife are the co-founders and trustees Open Palm, which we set up in July 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic.

Ralph sought to be our Charity of the Year Champion, to raise at least £20k to allow the charity to widen its reach and to support their accredited programmes. Open Palm is considered a ‘micro-charity’ but with the planned fundraising support, this would help bring Open Palm to the next level to become a ‘small-charity’.

Over and above donations, Ralph aims to utilise the wealth of knowledge available at Charles Stanley to provide some form of work experience for their beneficiaries and content contribution focusing on employability and financial literacy.


Fundraising plans for the year

Fundraising should be fun and social. Ralphs wants to encourage staff to participate individually, as departments or teams and with their families.

Captain Tom 100 – Do it your way

The first initiative is the 'Captain Tom 100 – Do it your way’ campaign “Inspiring hope where it is needed most.”, in honour of the great achievements of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore last year. The challenge is open to all charities to take part in and involves people gaining sponsorship for doing ‘100’ of anything they choose e.g. 100 mile-cycle, 100 pancake flips, 100 kick-ups, 100 kind gestures.

What’s next?

With the loosening restrictions over the coming months, we can do more socially and what better way to do so than for a good cause. Ralph is taking advantage of the help from all of his colleagues in the finance department to help plan and put into action some activities for the rest of the year. He will be setting aside his spreadsheets for a moment to share his plans very soon!

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental awareness

The Group recognises its impact on the environment and takes steps to minimise it

Our impact on the environment