Working with Charities

We seek to build a trusted relationship with Charity Trustees, your advisers and consultants to help your charity devise a more secure financial future to support your causes for many years to come.

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How we support you

Local and national charities of all sizes and across a wide variety of sectors come to us for our high standards of service. We focus on building close working relationships and aim to provide flexibility in how we manage your charity's investment portfolio.

We build a long-lasting relationship

We seek to understand your long-term financial goals, investment policy and attidtude to risk, working closely with your trustees and support the wider management team.

We understand your challenges

We have extensive experience within the charities sector, with several staff members serving as trustees allowing us to understand the challenges you face from your perspective.

Specialist investment expertise

We have the resources to provide customised investment strategies to give you peace of mind that your charity's assets are managed in line with your values, goals and expectations.

Reliable support for Trustees

Helping trustees to fulfil their obligations is an important part of our relationship. We’ll make sure you always have the information to make the right decisions and feel confident in your role.

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Working together

Understanding your charity’s mission as well as your financial goals is fundamental to our investment process and the tailored approach we provide.

Fiduciary responsibilities

We offer competitive fees for our service, which helps to improve the return on your investments, so you can manage costs more effectively.

Responsible investing

We have the expertise to help you balance financial and non-financial concerns such as ESG, so your investment portfolio aligns with your charity’s values.

Income requirements

If you need to generate a regular income through investing, we’ll make sure you can still meet any long-term financial goals.

Managing risk

We’ll aim to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns within the level of investment risk you consider acceptable for your charity.

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