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Working in partnership with professional advisers

Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants and Trustees.

The circle of advice

We work in partnership with our clients’ other professional advisers, such as lawyers and accountants, so that the collective and overall level of service around a client is extremely high. Charles Stanley has a very well-established tradition of working collegiately with all members of a client’s team, maintaining open communication with everyone who is involved.

We always seek to make sure that clients are well-advised in all aspects of their affairs and so we often refer business to other professional advisers, and indeed are often asked to make recommendations. This requires us to have not only a thorough understanding of a client’s situation, but a good knowledge of the leading practitioners in the legal, accounting, fiduciary and tax communities.

The ability to match the right adviser to the client is crucial, and in many ways, we act as an extension of our professional contacts in the way we build the most appropriate team around a client. Equally, this requires us to also deliver an exceptional level of service to those clients whose professional team we are asked to join.

This aspect of our dedicated service to professional advisers is of course extended to consultants and to professional trustees, whom we openly welcome to remain as involved as they wish in the service that we provide to a shared client.

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Private client practice

You can expect a relationship-driven approach from Charles Stanley, with a focus on the client experience and a depth of service, which for us is the essence of private client practice, rather than the quick prescription of pre-existing products or models.

The types of clients we look after in conjunction with other professional advisers include (although are not restricted to):

  • Multigenerational families and trusts
  • Landed estates and agricultural clients
  • Inherited wealth
  • Senior professionals and partners
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Clients who develop and manage emerging technologies
  • Arts, culture, music and entertainment professionals
  • Sports individuals
  • Non-UK domiciled and international clients (subject to any jurisdictional restrictions)

The combination of Charles Stanley’s bespoke investment and financial planning approach to wealth management - and the way we work in partnership with clients and advisers to help them to achieve their aims - forms a highly compelling proposition.

  • Bespoke Discretionary Managed service
  • Dynamic Passive Portfolios
  • Multi-Manager Portfolios
  • Multi-Asset Portfolios
  • Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service
  • MI Charles Stanley Monthly High Income Fund
  • Court of Protection and Personal Injury Awards

Charles Stanley

Accountability, clarity and transparency

By serving alongside other professional advisers we aim to jointly achieve accountability, clarity and transparency on behalf of a client, which only works when the circle of trust is maintained. This aspect of our dedicated service means working as a team with clients and their advisers to refine long-term strategy, to deliver investment performance and to behave with professional integrity while going the extra mile. The longevity of our relationships with clients and their other professional advisers has been deeply treasured by Charles Stanley throughout its history.

As testament of our dedicated service to clients and their other advisers, a recent Charles Stanley independent client survey reflects significantly higher than industry average results.

I know that the team at Charles Stanley are very proud of this, and we would welcome hearing from you if you wish to discuss one of your client scenarios in which you may need assistance, or indeed discuss us potentially working together to join your client's team of advisers. Please do feel free to contact me - there is always value in beginning a conversation.

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Results from our 2020 Private Client Survey – Discretionary results only.

Charles Stanley surveyed 4,631 Investment Management clients; 1,065 responded; a 23% response rate.

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Contact us

Glenn Baker

Business Development Director, Professional Advisers

+44 (0) 207 149 6379

More about Glenn

Glenn was previously a Director at Kleinwort Benson and before this was at Schroders. Working in business development at both for over 10 years in total, he is experienced in building relationships with professional advisers and their underlying client mix, including multi-generational families, landed estates, inherited wealth, agricultural clients, entrepreneurs and business owners, senior professionals, arts and entertainment clients, and non-UK domiciled and international clients.