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Direct Investment Service charges

Whether you choose to trade online or directly over the telephone with our dealers, our Direct Investment Service pricing seeks to provide you with value for money.

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    Service/ Platform fees

    Account administration

    UK trading charges

    International trading charges

    Bond trading charges

    Domestic and international corporate and government bonds (including Gilts and PIBs).

    For non-sterling denominated bonds following the transaction we will arrange the necessary foreign exchange at the prevailing market rates less maximum charge of 1%.

    TypeDetailsFees per trade
    CREST settledMin
    First £10,000
    Next £90,000
    Over £100,000
    Non-CREST settledMin
    First £10,000
    Next £90,000
    Over £100,000

    Annual custody charge (per line of stock)

    Movement charges apply to all purchases and sales:

    Euroclear Canada & USA
    Other Markets
    Physical transfers-in





    Interest rates and cash management

    With our investment services, we pay interest on the cash we hold for you at the rates shown in the table below. Our cash management service is designed to make it more efficient for you to make purchases and for income and sale proceeds to be credited to you.

    • View our interest rates currently paid on cash held for investment within your Charles Stanley Direct account(s). 
    • Alternatively, for intended cash savings, you can gain access to a variety of attractive rates across a range of instant access, notice and term deposit accounts via our Cash Savings platform which is powered by Bondsmith.

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