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Investment Services

Private Client Services

High quality investment services for the discerning private investor.


Charles Stanley offers a comprehensive service to Private Clients: advising on, managing, buying and selling stocks, shares, unit trusts and a wide range of other financial instruments. We also provide extensive services in administering clients’ investments and cash, in financial planning, managing ISAs and many ancillary activities.

The level of service you choose will be determined by how actively involved you want to be in the management of your investments and how confident you are with monitoring the balance of risk and reward yourself. 

For more details on risk, please read our brochure which can be downloaded here: OUR APPROACH TO INVESTMENT RISK.

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Discretionary Management

Our Discretionary service allows you to hand over the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio to your Investment Manager, who will monitor your holdings and make the investment decisions on your behalf

Advisory Management

Our Advisory Investment Management service offers the same level of investment management and discretionary service with the exception being that you make the final decision on the individual purchases and sales.

Advisory Dealing Services

Some clients prefer not only to make their own investment decisions, with our advice, but to do so on a stock-by-stock basis, rather than within the context of a comprehensively managed portfolio.

Execution-only Dealing Services

Charles Stanley Direct is the new direct-to-client investment service, created to meet the needs of the modern self-directed investor. Investments can be made online or over the telephone in a wide range of funds, shares, gilts and bonds.

Cash Management

The Charles Stanley Cash Management service is a facility for you to hold investment funds with us. This service makes it more efficient for income and sales proceeds to be credited to you and for you to settle purchase trades.

Private Client Research

Charles Stanley's industry recognised and award-winning Private Client Research department specialises in providing comprehensive and continuous coverage of a wide range of UK-listed companies.

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To agree which service best suits your needs, our Investment Managers and Financial Planning Consultants will be pleased to talk to you.

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