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Charles Stanley

Pan Asset

Charles Stanley Pan Asset is an asset allocation and passive investment specialist.  
For more details please go to: www.pan-asset.co.uk


Asset allocation is what should matter most to investors and trustees. That is why Charles Stanley Pan Asset concentrates on constructing highly diversified investment strategies, actively managed through our Dynamic Asset Allocation process. By researching and monitoring the best passive funds available, we keep investment costs as low as possible. We think this is a winning formula for long-term investing.

Why Choose Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

Generating the investment returns you need with an acceptable level of risk can be a tough challenge in ever-changing market conditions. By working with Charles Stanley Pan Asset, you have the reassurance that senior investment professionals with more than 115 years’ combined experience are monitoring your investments every day that markets are open.

Whether you are a Financial Adviser, Institutional Investor or Private Client, Charles Stanley Pan Asset can work with you to provide the right investment strategy for your needs, delivered using the right structure.  We have a comprehensive and popular range of Model Portfolios, Multi-Asset Funds, or can build whatever bespoke strategies you need. Charles Stanley Pan Asset uses highly-developed risk management systems to monitor investment risk and ensure it remains within the ranges that are expected for your portfolio.

For more information please see: www.pan-asset.co.uk

Whichever route you choose, Charles Stanley Pan Asset’s investment philosophy will always apply:

  • Intelligent asset allocation is the key to good investment performance.
  • Passive investment or index-tracking is usually more effective than stock-picking.
  • It is still a big world - investment should be approached on a global basis.
  • Real assets like equities and property are the drivers of investment performance.
  • Alternative investments have an important role to play.

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    Long-term strategies built to meet your objectives.

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    Dynamic Asset Allocation manages risk and improves performance.

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    Leading expertise in passive fund research keeps costs low.

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    Global investing across all major asset classes.

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    Monthly reports, factsheets, updates and weekly commentaries.

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    Online access to portfolio valuations.

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    Transparent reporting on costs and investment activity.

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