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Services for Solicitors, Accountants & Financial Advisers

Intermediary Services

Our award-winning Investment Management Services, tailored to meet the personal requirements of your clients.


The professional relationship between you and your clients is probably one of the most important aspects of your business. We know, because the same applies to us and our clients. Because of this, we understand the need to be assured that any service you introduce to your clients will enhance your own. Our flexibility enables you to choose the way that best suits your own methods of working, your investment philosophy and the services you seek to offer.


Should you decide to involve Charles Stanley in your client relationship, you can be assured that we will act only in accordance with the highest professional standards, helping you strengthen your own client relationships. We would be delighted to provide your client with the following professional services:

  • A free initial meeting to establish how the relationship will work between your firm, your client and Charles Stanley. We would hope to have annual meetings with the client, depending on your own and their preferences
  • One point of contact within our firm, both for you and the client; this will be the manager looking after your client’s portfolio, supported by a team of qualified Investment Managers
  • The establishment of his or her risk profile and investment objectives to include, if required, an investment report
  • The benefit of access to the widest possible choice of investment solutions. (Our status in relation to advising on retail investment products is ‘Restricted’)
  • The provision of regular reports on the portfolio, including six-monthly valuations and reviews, as well as end of year tax reports.
  • Our website for Financial Advisers where you can see details of our Bespoke, Model and Collectives offerings.


As an independently-owned firm, we are not tied to any products or providers. When advising you on your client’s investments, or managing them for you on their behalf, we consider the whole of the investment market available to retail investors, and where appropriate we will also advise on direct investments such as shares, gilts and corporate bonds. We can advise on all retail investments, and are not limited to advising solely on products.


Please Click Here to visit the dedicated intermediary website for Charles Stanley where you can find a wealth of information including details of Agency set-up, Charges and more detail on our full range of services for intermediaries.

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