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Charles Stanley

Institutional Services

A personal service shaped around your organisation

In making investment decisions for you we take a global perspective, guided by a strong philosophy and deep market insight. With this breadth and quality of thinking focused on your goals, you can be confident that your organisation is well placed to optimise returns and safeguard assets for the long term. For further information about Charles Stanley’s services for institutions, please call us or complete an enquiry form using the link found at the bottom of this page.

Is the Charles Stanley Institutional Service right for you?

We understand that your organisation is one of a kind, with its own particular priorities, challenges, and ways of working. By paying attention to these factors we can pinpoint the investment strategy and mandate that is right for you.

You may have a broad investment agenda or specific targets in mind. You may have a clear direction or be looking for guidance — and you might want a close working partnership or just occasional support. Such details shape each part of the service we provide and continue to make Charles Stanley the enduring choice for a broad range of institutions.

Our clients include occupational pension funds, insurance companies, charities, endowments, corporate treasuries and their advisers. Some are small, others large. Yet all of our clients trust us to deliver the same uncompromising personal service.

Our services:

  • Fiduciary Management
  • Liability and cash flow modelling and monitoring
  • Trustee training and investment education
  • Asset-liability studies
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Bespoke return-seeking and liability-matching portfolios
  • Tailored risk and return targets
  • Daily risk monitoring
  • Detailed strategic reviews

We are proud to have an investment division with a high level of expertise and experience across all the key asset classes for institutional investors. We combine depth of knowledge with breadth of focus, along with a strong ethos of working together and sharing insight.

Winner of Best Fiduciary Manager of the Year
by Global Investor magazine 2016



A strong and focused investment team

CS Employee lookup

Christopher Aldous

Head of Asset Management

T: 020 7340 9290
[email protected]

Bob Campion

Head of Institutional Business

T: 020 7340 9291
[email protected]

Jon Cunliffe

Chief Investment Officer

T: 020 7149 6253
[email protected]

Pierre Micallef

Multi Asset Portfolio Manager

T: 0207 149 6565
[email protected]

Vicky Casebourne

Institutional Business Development Executive

T: 020 7149 6267
[email protected]

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    We are focused on helping you achieve your financial objectives. We look objectively at your needs, ambitions and attitude to risk and apply a long-term view, ensuring your investments work for you as priorities change over the years.

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    Controlling the volatility of portfolios underpins our approach to risk management. We aim to meet investment objectives with an appropriate level of risk.

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    Market prices often deviate significantly from fundamental or intrinsic value in the short run. The fact that asset prices diverge from fair value supports the case for active management.

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    We blend the best of active management with the cost efficiency of index-tracking. This creates dynamic global portfolios.

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    Institutional portfolios are designed to evolve over time as the needs and requirements of the clients change. For instance, fiduciary portfolios for pension schemes may follow a bespoke long-term de-risking plan.

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