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Alpha SIPP

The Charles Stanley Alpha SIPP offers all the normal tax benefits of traditional pension plans.

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With the Charles Stanley Alpha SIPP you are able to include a wide range of investments and benefit from a structure that includes all the flexibility permitted by HM Revenue & Customs as regards drawing your benefits, including phasing your retirement.


The Charles Stanley Alpha SIPP, provides you with the normal tax benefits of traditional pension plans. You are able to include a wide range of investments and benefit from a structure that includes the flexibility permitted by HM Revenue & Customs as regards drawing your benefits, including phasing your benefits. 


There are two principal ways of putting money into your SIPP; making new contributions or transferring in other pension arrangements.


You and anyone else can contribute to your SIPP whether you are employed, self-employed, both or neither, irrespective of any other pension schemes you may have. To obtain tax relief on contributions you must be a relevant UK individual and the contribution should not exceed 100% of relevant UK earnings subject to the Annual Allowance. You can, however, contribute £3,600 per annum gross irrespective of earnings. Contributions are not accepted after age 75.

Employer contributions are unlimited and are not based on earnings. However, to avoid tax charges on the member, they and any other contributions should not exceed the Annual Allowance. A carry forward of previous years’ unused Annual Allowance is possible in certain circumstances.


The Charles Stanley Alpha SIPP enables you to enjoy the administrative benefits of consolidation without having to sacrifice diversification. Transfers into a SIPP are likely to fall into one of two main types:

  • cash transfer - the investments in your existing pension plan are sold, the proceeds are transferred to your SIPP, and you can then invest them within the investment parameters.
  • in specie transfer - the investments stay the same, and are transferred to your SIPP provided they fall into our list of acceptable investments (see Terms of Business relating to the Charles Stanley Alpha SIPP).

As with all financial products, it is strongly recommended that you take financial advice to ensure that it suits your circumstances and requirements. If you do not already have your own Financial Adviser, we would be happy to refer you to the Charles Stanley Financial Planning department.

For more information, download our Key Features document that should be read in conjunction with the brochure below.


The tax treatment of pensions depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future. It is always recommended that you seek advice from a suitably qualified investment professional, if you have any doubt as to the suitability of a pension and/or the underlying investments. You should be aware that Stakeholder Pension Schemes are generally available and might meet your needs as well as a SIPP. Please remember the value of investments may fall as well as rise and your capital is at risk.

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