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Private Clients

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Private Clients

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charities with £50,000 or more to invest

We have a very flexible range of management solutions which we have designed to meet the needs of most charities.

  • The PanDYNAMIC family of Risk-Profiled Funds, which offer low-cost investments to charities.  Using Pan Asset’s dynamic asset allocation process they invest mainly in carefully selected index-tracking Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Active Management of Charity assets on a Discretionary Basis.  We would agree on an appropriate investment strategy and develop a long-term asset allocation to meet the Trustees needs.  We would then have freedom to invest the funds in accordance with the agreed policy, reporting back to the Trustees as often as required.  We would undertake a regular review of the investment strategy to ensure that the investments are suitable for the changing circumstances of the charity.
  • Asset Allocation advice and Portfolio of Trackers.  Some charities are under-represented in the faster growing parts of the world equity market, or in specialist asset. We can provide exposure at low cost to these assets through ETFs where the main fund is low in exposure, while offering overall asset allocation advice.
  • Passive Investments Manager.  Certain charities already have a range of passive investment holdings, built up over the years. We could act as manager of these, carrying out full research on the passive funds to assess their cost-effectiveness, tracking efficiency and suitability for a charity.  We would keep the holdings under review to seek to ensure best tracking and least cost solutions were in place.


Asset Allocation Advice and Balancing Fund  

In some cases, a charity may have existing active investment managers for a certain asset or physical property that it cannot sell.  This can create a headache for Trustees when setting an appropriate asset allocation.  Pan Asset can offer overall asset allocation advice for the assets.  A further problem comes in extreme market conditions, when Trustees wish to raise cash quickly or invest in a timely manner as markets rise.  Shifting existing arrangements can be slow, expensive and often suffers from illiquidity.  To meet this need we offer what we call the Balancing Fund.  It works by handing Pan Asset a proportion of the overall assets of the charity.  We can invest into areas that the charity has no exposure to, using Exchange Traded Funds as a low-cost solution.  Alternatively, if the Trustees need to reduce risk or increase liquidity quickly, we can revert to cash without affecting the other assets held.  This offers a simple dynamic asset allocation solution for Trustees.

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