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PanDynamic Model Portfolios

Two Portfolio Approaches

PanDynamic Model Portfolios

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model portfolios come in two forms

1. PanDYNAMIC: using index-tracking Exchange Traded Funds
2. PanAsset (Fund Based): using conventional index-tracking unit trusts

Our research shows that ETFs tend to be the most cost-efficient way to track asset classes, but there are sometimes reasons why an investor will prefer to take advantage of alternative solutions.  For example, as ETFs are index-traded shares there may be costs levied by the chosen platform  which will make conventional funds a lower-cost option. 

Alternatively, the investor may prefer to use one or other type of tracker fund and this will determine their choice of PanDYNAMIC or PanDYNAMIC Fund Based as well as the platform selection.


Whichever solution the investor selects the asset allocation approach will be same, and the investment performance should be very similar over time.  The financial adviser remains at the core of the process in terms of assessing and advising suitability for a client and all other aspects of the PanDYNAMIC process are the same. 

PanDYNAMIC Model Portfolios Services & Benefits

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