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Charles Stanley Pan Asset

Private Clients

Charles Stanley Pan Asset looks after many successful people and families who want individual investment advice to protect and grow their capital.

one size does not fit all

We understand that many have worked hard to make their money, and need help with looking after it intelligently. We think our way of keeping costs down and concentrating on the ‘Big Picture’ decisions of whether to be invested at all and if so in which main asset categories is often the best approach for private clients. We are flexible and responsive. 


Our Services

Is this you?

Are you a SIPP holder, Beneficiary, High earner, Entrepreneur or Small Investor?

What we can offer

We determine the opening asset mix for your portfolio by applying our assessment of the investment outlook to the agreed planning ranges for each asset category

Your needs identified

The objective of all investment is to provide income and capital growth whilst running an agreed amount of risk

Benefits for you

We provide peace of mind and high quality reporting with less complexity and less cost


Charles Stanley Pan Asset
55 Bishopsgate

020 7799 5454

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