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How we Invest

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How we Invest

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The Passive Portfolio Cost Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much investment costs are eating into your fund each year? Actively managed funds can be expensive – but how much would you save by investing passively instead? Find out with the Passive Portfolio Cost Calculator:

Discover the cost of a portfolio made entirely of passive funds selected by Pan Asset: just input your asset allocation and portfolio size in the grey boxes below. At the bottom we show you the annual cost of this portfolio using passive funds and compare this to a portfolio made up of actively managed funds. We also show you the actual cost and performance of this passive portfolio in 2012.

Find out what the difference between an active and passive portfolio would be in terms of performance with the Active vs Passive Performance Calculator. Annual Costs are the published ‘Ongoing Charge’ or ‘Total Expense Ratio’ of the funds and include fund expenses plus any annual management charge for institutional investors. The Actual Cost in 2012 is calculated as the net performance of the passive funds relative to the indices they are tracking (also known as ‘Tracking Difference’): this is the real cost that investors in passive funds pay.

Passive Portfolio Calculator

PAP Calculator

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