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Pension Funds

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Pension Funds

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The big decisions

The Charles Stanley Pan Asset Investment Committee focuses on getting the big decisions right. We take asset allocation decisions to choose whether to be in cash or property, equities or government bonds, or in a mixture. We take long-term views about the likely performance of an asset. We do move more into cash if we see substantial economic and market disruption. The dynamic asset allocation process combines long-term investment in assets most likely to meet investor needs with shorter-term tactical decisions which can protect their assets in times of stress.

Why asset allocation matters

Academic research has consistently shown that getting asset allocation decisions right is the most important aspect of investment management. As the chart below demonstrates, selecting and holding the right geographic area or asset class can make all the difference. In this case, over the 10-years to January 2012, an investment made into the Chinese stock market would have returned 610% if held throughout the period; an investment in the US stock market would have delivered just 27%.

Getting Asset Allocation right can make a big difference

Our investment universe

Growth Assets Defensive Assets
Developed market equities Corporate bonds
Emerging market equities Government bonds
Property Index-linked bonds
Commodities Global bonds
Private equities Emerging market sovereign bonds
Infrastructure Cash 
Hedge funds Money markets 

Pan Asset Diversified Growth Funds invest in over 30 asset classes worldwide.

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