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The PanDYNAMIC family of risk-profiled funds are new low-cost investments for all types of investors

risk & return options

The PanDYNAMIC family of risk-profiled funds are new low-cost investments for all types of investors. Using Pan Asset’s Dynamic asset allocation process they invest mainly in carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). They mirror the investment approach of the successful PanDYNAMIC Model Portfolios.

The PanDYNAMIC Funds provide solutions which will suit most investors. The risk/return ratings are designed to match the central range of risk profiles generated by standard risk-profiling solutions. Risk appetite is measured in terms of maximum tolerance of loss while return targets are linked to multiples of cash returns.

Find out more here about each of the funds, which fund is for you, the investment process, our range of asset classes and all applications forms and brochures available to download.

Our Services

The PanDYNAMIC Funds

The PanDYNAMIC Funds offer a choice of two risk and return options: Defensive, Balanced. We seek to match risk to an investor’s requirements.


PanDEFENSIVE is a lower risk fund which aims to deliver an attractive return from diversified investments in UK and international bonds, and which typically invests 10% in risky assets such as high yielding equities.

Risk and Performance

Each Fund has a targeted level of risk which is measured in terms of sensitivity to volatility or in other words the target maximum loss that a fund could make and therefore an investor is willing to accept in any one year

The Fund for You

Investors can invest in one or more funds if they seek a risk profile which is not already met by the four available funds

The Investment Process

The Funds aim to exploit the continually changing opportunities offered by different asset classes around the world

Range of Asset Classes

Click here to see the range of asset classes

Phoenix Fund Services Website

Please click here to view our Phoenix Fund Services website

Key Information

Find out about our current fund prices and download relevant factsheets, KIIDS, brochures and applications forms.


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