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Private Clients

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Private Clients

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SIPP holder
If you hold your pension assets through a SIPP and need investment advice over where to place the money, Charles Stanley Pan Asset is happy to work with your Financial Adviser to recommend an asset allocation policy and to keep it up to date in the months ahead. Holders of SIPP monies are often too busy to follow all the main markets on a regular basis and may appreciate using advice from people who specialise in doing just that.

If you have just enjoyed a substantial and perhaps unexpected windfall, our investment strategies can put the money to work. We can turn a one-off lump sum into long-term wealth that should generate a steadily rising income.

High earner
If you are a sportsman, entertainer or other unusually high earner, we can make the investments today that will underpin your financial security tomorrow. Our advice channels salary, bonuses, sponsorship payments and other commercial sources of income into an investment strategy designed to build wealth and support the maintenance of the accustomed lifestyle once the peak earning years have passed.

If you have recently sold a business, we can assist by proposing a strategy for the investment of the proceeds. Such a strategy will allow for any phasing in the receipt of the sale proceeds, provide against any remaining warranties and liabilities and ensure that suitable reserves are created against tax liabilities. Often the payment for the sale of a business includes an element in stock market-listed shares in the acquiring company, usually with short-term restrictions as to how soon they can be sold. Our investment strategy will plan for the eventual reduction of such a shareholding in an orderly way.

Smaller Investors
If you have a smaller portfolio and do not require a bespoke service, Charles Stanley Pan Asset has a range of products to help you. Our PanDYNAMIC funds and Model Portfolios offer an affordable way to have your money professionally managed to an agreed level of risk.  They are designed to be low-cost and embrace our asset allocation approach using Exchange Traded Funds.

PanDYNAMIC Fund Range

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