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Specialist discretionary portfolio management

We have made sure our service helps you meet the detailed reporting requirements of Solvency II including full look through of any funds you may be holding to comply with the new rules.

Our institutional experts can help insurers develop effective investment plans, built to suit their business needs and risk appetite. We will work with you to ensure portfolios operate at all times within the boundaries of the mandate and comply with the Regulator’s requirements. Seeking better returns with appropriate risk is especially important as we live in an era of low interest rates in the developed world. In-house planning tools enable us to model the long-term impact of different strategies and the effect of changes to interest rates and inflation.

Our investment teams can build highly sophisticated multi-asset portfolios, working closely with Charles Stanley Group’s award winning bond and equity teams and investing across all global markets to deliver the blend of risk and return the client needs. Charles Stanley’s team of fixed income experts provides us with the expertise to build cash-flow matching portfolios to meet the requirements of your business.

Towards Solvency II

Pan Asset has developed proprietary modeling tools to help insurers to evolve their investment strategy in the light of the new requirements of Solvency II. By exploring the new capital charges system we can help insurers make best use of their risk budget, researching asset classes that provide an attractive balance between risk and return, optimising your use of capital under the new regime.

We understand the requirement for clear and prompt communication and transparency under Solvency II and can provide the high standard of service you need to satisfy the Regulator’s reporting requirements.

Let Charles Stanley’s specialist institutional team help your organisation get ready for Solvency II, so that you will not be behind the curve.

Working with Pan Asset to model future scenarios

Source: Charles Stanley Pan Asset, as at 29th July 2014

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