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For Clients

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Managing your client's money

Charles Stanley Pan Asset has a range of products to help you manage your clients’ money. Our Model Portfolios and Funds offer an affordable way to have money professionally managed to an agreed level of risk. They are designed to be low-cost and embrace our dynamic asset allocation.

PanDYNAMIC Model Portfolios (ETF-based)
The PanDYNAMIC Model Portfolios bring a new range of innovative low-cost investments to Advisers and their clients. Seven Model Portfolios employ Charles Stanley Pan Asset’s dynamic asset allocation process coupled with low-cost investment in carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds. This gives your clients day-by-day stewardship of their money by investment professionals concentrating on the big picture. Ascentric provides the custodian and dealing service for your clients. You as the Adviser charge an annual fee for your part of the investment process and retain full control of the client account and responsibility for the relationship. We aim to work in partnership with you and can provide white label solutions if required.

PanAsset Model Portfolios (Fund Based)
Launched in 2012, the PanAsset 1-6 Model Portfolios benefit from the same dynamic asset allocation approach as the PanDYNAMIC Model Portfolios but use index-tracking funds rather than ETFs.

The PanDYNAMIC family of risk-profiled OEIC funds are new low-cost investments for all types of investors. Using Charles Stanley Pan Asset’s dynamic asset allocation process they invest mainly in carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). They mirror the investment approach of the successful PanDYNAMIC Model Portfolios.
PanDEFENSIVE – Low risk
PanBALANCED – Medium Risk

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