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Private Clients

Benefits For You

Private Clients

Content block managment

Peace of mind

  • Confidence that you have an investment policy to match your particular circumstances
  • No risk of poor stock selection since Exchange Traded Funds are index trackers
  • Cost efficiency and administrative savings from using ETFs as portfolio building blocks
  • Your affairs are in safe and well-qualified hands
  • You are receiving genuinely independent advice
  • You are dealing with the principals in the firm who invest their own money in the same way as yours
  • You will always be kept closely in touch
  • You know exactly what you are being charged
  • Your investments are held to your order with one of the safest banks in the world

High quality reporting.

We report when and how you would like. Typically we send quarterly reports which contain a full valuation, details of transactions undertaken and a viewpoint setting out our thoughts on future investment trends. Many of our clients use a custodian service which includes online valuations whenever they wish to see them. On our website we provide commentary on important investment issues every Tuesday and Friday. If you need extra reports for a special occasion or a particular meeting we can provide these by arrangement.

Less complexity, less cost.

Active management of individual shares and other assets is usually expensive. If you go to a hedge fund for active management they typically charge 2% of the portfolio value every year, and take one fifth of specified gains as well. Many in house funds and quoted OEICs charge more than 1% a year if you add up all the fees and charges.
Our fee ranges from 1% for a £1 million portfolio, to 0.1% at over £100 million. Fees for funds lie within that range and are negotiable depending on complexity and work involved. We keep down the other costs by indexing the various asset class investments, using low cost tracker funds with low tracking errors after all expenses.

Your needs identified

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