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Pan Asset

Why Choose Pan Asset?

Pan Asset

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Making sure that costs eat up as little of a client’s capital as possible is another way to boost investment returns.  We use index-tracking (passive) investments, such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which seek to gain most or all of the return of an asset class at very low cost.

Our clients include defined benefit pension schemes, insurance companies, charities and family wealth – anyone who wants to improve the efficiency of their asset selection and reduce cost.

We can either take all the asset allocation decisions for clients, or work closely with them to guide them in forming their own decisions.  We research and monitor hundreds of tracker funds so we always use those which are cheapest and most efficient 

Sophisticated modelling techniques help us to calculate and monitor risk for our clients and we aim to give the high level of bespoke service which every Charles Stanley client has come to expect.

Why not contact us to see if we can improve your overall investment outcomes and reduce your costs?



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