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Why come to Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

It’s simple. We try to give you the best of active portfolio management with the best of passive investment solutions.

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Do markets assume too much?

Often it pays to go with the herd in markets. Sometimes it pays to question the consensus. Today there are two assumptions many investors make that I keep worrying about. The first is the assumption that UK interest rates must go up from here. My other worry is in the opposite direction. As there are these two very...

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Budget 2015

The Chancellor billed his Budget as one which showed the UK "walking tall again" and "paying its way". His aim is to make the UK economy more prosperous, and to become a larger economy than Germany.

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Pan Asset News

Active Strategy, Passive Investing - May 2015

How can you deliver more for less? Our session at the Workplace Pensions Conference will explore how working with a fiduciary manager can help deliver a better long-term investment strategy...

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Currency wars continue

Today’s currency world is upside down. Excess savings in the surplus countries need to be recycled to places and people who will spend the money. To achieve this requires movements across...

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Market News

Putin warns his enemies

Macro round up: Vladimir Putin on Thursday described Russia as a country besieged by hostile forces and vowed to hit back hard both against attempts at military containment and of...

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Is easyJet overvalued now?

Contrarian investors who bought undervalued airline shares during last year’s Ebola crisis have made a substantial amount of money. But, with easyJet shares hitting new all-time highs, is...

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