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Why come to Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

It’s simple. We try to give you the best of active portfolio management with the best of passive investment solutions.

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Fix the Banks for a good recovery

Governments and Central Banks in the US and Europe presided over a major economic disaster in the second half of the last decade. Commercial bankers followed official signals in building huge amounts of credit prior to 2008. The Central Banks and other experts assured us all that new banking ideas meant much higher...

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The UK economy continues to grow..

We had gloomy July surveys. There were plenty of predictions of an immediate recession or sharp slowdown from many forecasters, followed by better August opinion surveys from business. Now we have some of the figures that tell us what has actually happened to the UK economy in the three months since the referendum...

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Pan Asset News

German fears & reflation talk

Charles Stanley compiles a Political Index to assess political risk and instability in major economies which have democratic multi-party systems of government. For some time there have been...

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Changes to your Money

The Bank of England has issued its first plastic bank note. I am all in favour of the new material for the notes. It sounds as if they will be easier to keep and longer-lasting than the...

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Market News

Thomas Cook maintains guidance

Package holiday company Thomas Cook maintained its full-year guidance as British sun seekers shrugged off the vote to leave the EU. But sales in Europe are weakening.

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Fix the banks for a good recovery

John Redwood, Charles Stanley’s Chief Global Strategist, argues that Europe needs to fix its banks before a recovery can take place.

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