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Why come to Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

It’s simple. We try to give you the best of active portfolio management with the best of passive investment solutions.

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Share values can go up as well as down

The last few trading sessions have brought some relief from the dog days of August and September when share markets suffered. So what has changed?

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Wars & migrants

The news background is far from happy. After weeks of stories of mass migrations from Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe to the northern EU countries, we now have efforts by Russia to get involved militarily in Syria, one of the centres of the trouble. Are investors right to be relaxed?

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Pan Asset News

Much ado about little in markets

Markets have been on the slide again. Some of the fall is based on recycling old stories about slowing Chinese growth and the slowdown of manufacturing and world trade. Some of it is the...

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Is the Dax running on diesel?

Followers of VW hope that the problems of their too clever engine management system in the USA can be cleared up for a few billion. There will be the recall of vehicles, and some legal...

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Market News

Shares can go up as well as down

John Redwood, Chairman of the Investment Committee at Pan Asset investigates whether the tides are turning in the stockmarket.

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Have commodity prices troughed?

Shares in mining companies have been in freefall this year, as the price of metals and oil has plunged. But some reckon the prices have now troughed, which would be a bullish sign for...

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