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Why come to Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

It’s simple. We try to give you the best of active portfolio management with the best of passive investment solutions.

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UK money and credit

The banking crash of 2008 still casts a long shadow over the UK economy and banking sector. In aggregate the M4 lending figures are still declining a little. The main UK banks are preparing themselves to meet the tougher targets for how much capital they must hold to sustain their businesses.

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Can we trust bonds?

What is the right price for government bonds? This single issue has dominated investment markets over the last month or so. .

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Pan Asset News

Goldilocks in China?

The Chinese stock market has been the world’s best performer over the last year. In recent days it has fallen on fears that it has all become too speculative. Has it? Is the Chinese market...

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Valuation wobbles

Should we worry about the events of recent days?

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Market News

Deflation: should investors be worried?

Is it a temporary tax cut that we all benefit from or is there more worrying after-effects of deflation - the analysts at Charles Stanley Direct take a look at what deflation means for...

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The Greek 'Muddle' - the only more

John Redwood, Chairman of the Investment Strategy Committee for Charles Stanley Pan Asset thinks that the Greek situation can be contained and its problems 'muddled' through but there are...

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