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Why come to Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

It’s simple. We try to give you the best of active portfolio management with the best of passive investment solutions.

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Currency crosswinds & world trade wobbles

Investors are mesmerised by currency movements. Every day the dollar falls investors are more attracted to shares and to commodities. A weaker dollar is said to be good for emerging market economies and for commodity producers. The dollar price of oil is more likely to go up when the dollar itself is going down. This...

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The future of China & the impact on world markets

China has a lot of influence on world markets. After 2008 and the western crash, the investment world got used to high rates of Chinese growth. Commodity prices rose on the back of surging demand to fuel and supply Chinese factories. Western markets were keen to import cheap good value Chinese goods. China's growth in...

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Pan Asset News

Do you really want a negative income on a bond?

Last weekend we had another of those events no-one could forecast. Manchester United’s game with Bournemouth had to be postponed owing to a training device being mistaken for a bomb. The...

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Cracking down on crime & corruption

This week the UK has hosted an international meeting to tackle serious crime and money laundering. The UK Prime Minister has called for a change of culture to encourage greater honesty and...

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Market News

Battling the headwinds in global equity more

Murray International Trust has battled against some difficult market conditions recently. Ben Johnson looks at how the manager aims to stay on course.

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Currency crosswinds and world trade wobbles

John Redwood, Charles Stanley’s Global Investment Strategist, looks at the impact of foreign exchange and commodity prices on world trade.

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