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Why come to Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

It’s simple. We try to give you the best of active portfolio management with the best of passive investment solutions.

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The markets have given bank shares quite a bashing recently. Should we be alarmed?

We have been warning that the losses and financial stress in commodity markets will translate into loan losses and refinancings for various energy and commodity companies and for over exposed commodity producing countries. Most of the major western banks are not unduly exposed to these pressures, and have considerably...

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The Changing Face of Investment

In the bear corner there are some happy faces. The share markets have had a nasty start to the year. As markets fall, so commentary tends to become more pessimistic. Analysts want to look as if they understand the decline in prices, so they find reasons based on past and future bad news. You can get into a vicious...

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Pan Asset News

Brexit & European shares

The UK is beginning a long debate on whether to stay in the EU or not. This week there are intense negotiations over the UK Prime Minister’s four issues where he seeks change. Charles...

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What is happening to the oil price?

The oil price has mesmerised share markets so far this year. The collapse of the price in the early days of 2016 brought down the shares of oil producers and the oil service companies that...

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Market News

Are the banks in a new crisis?

John Redwood, Global Investment Strategist, examines the recent bank sell-offs on stock markets around the world and asks whether whether it is all a bit extreme.

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Making the most of pension tax relief

Tax relief on pension contributions can be valuable. It is also something worth focusing on now given rule changes from April are set to limit tax relief for higher earners. Plus there...

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