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Why come to Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

It’s simple. We try to give you the best of active portfolio management with the best of passive investment solutions.

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A bull in the China shop ?

The Chinese stock market has been making some upward progress this year after the dramatic boom and bust cycle it went through in 2015. The authorities had a plan to involve more Chinese people in the stock market, and to gradually open Chinese shares to more foreign capital and influence.

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Recession looks very unlikely in the UK

In March, the Treasury forecast 2% growth for this year and 2.2% growth for next. Just before the referendum campaign began, the Treasury set out its fear that a Leave vote could put the UK into recession, owing to a possible shock to confidence and disruption to trade from such a decision.

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Pan Asset News

Are markets too high ?

When the Charles Stanley Strategy Committee met last Thursday we could scarcely believe how good markets have been in recent weeks. This year we had been against holding cash given the tiny...

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ETFs continue to attract the money..

By the end of June this year, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) had swollen to more than $3 trillion worth of investments. In recent years more individuals and institutional investors have built...

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Market News

First State Greater China Growth – added to more

Rob Morgan explains the recent changes to Chinese equity funds on our list of preferred investments across the major sectors.

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Amazon targets supermarkets again

Today Amazon has launched its “Dash” service in the UK, where consumers can buy items such as toilet rolls and washing powder at the push of a button. Is it yet another threat to...

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