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Why come to Charles Stanley Pan Asset?

It’s simple. We try to give you the best of active portfolio management with the best of passive investment solutions.

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China's volatile market

The last month has seen dramatic events both sides of the world. At the same time as the Greek banks were closed and the Athens Stock Exchange shut thanks to the stresses within the Euro, the Chinese share market tumbled from the giddy heights it reached early in June. There has been a vigorous policy response from...

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The Greek bankruptcy remains unresolved

Markets rally when news comes out that there is an agreement on Greece, and again when the Greek Parliament passes the measures it is instructed to enact as part of a future loan package. Some of the stories are written in terms of Greece staving off default and bankruptcy by agreeing to the demands of its creditors....

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Pan Asset News

How badly damaged is the Greek economy?

The trial of strength between the governing Syriza party, backed by the Greek people, and the other Eurozone member states continues. Today’s news of an agreement is merely a new...

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Summer Budget 2015

The UK budget should promote and support the recovery in the UK economy which is now well underway. The aim is to drive growth through more people in work, and higher pay for people working...

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Market News

Last Week in the City

Garry White, Chief Investment Commentator, looks at the market moving events that have shaped the UK equity markets this week (July 27th to 31st 2015).

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Oil sector round-up

BP and Royal Dutch Shell have posted interim results this week and the latter’s takeover of BG is progressing well. How is the UK-listed oil industry doing in the face of the current...

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