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Investment Services

The Multi-Manager Portfolio Service

Investment Services

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We also use independently developed software (BITA Monitor) which identifies risk in terms of volatility, defined by concentration and tracking errors, down to an individual fund or equity level.  It enables us to assess loss potential, asset misalignment and portfolio suitability. Such ongoing risk management is a key part of the due diligence process, so critical for Financial Advisers.

Multi-Manager is run by the Charles Stanley Collectives team, which was established in 2003. The team of investment managers and analysts has over 100 years of combined experience and draws upon the expertise of investment specialists, strategists and economists from across the Charles Stanley Group. Charles Stanley holds significant investments in third-party funds on behalf of its clients and as a result the team enjoys excellent access to fund managers from across the industry, including both onshore and offshore funds. Using all of the resources at its disposal, the team is focused on finding the best funds from a universe of over 5000.

With a clean annual charging structure and no set-up fees or dealing charges, Multi-Manager provides a simple, cost effective and RDR compliant approach to portfolio management. Portfolio factsheets, including Platform-specific versions, may be found within the adjacent tabs.

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