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Charles Stanley's Charity of the Year


Each year Charles Stanley supports a charity that has been nominated and voted for by our staff.

We are delighted to announce that Charles Stanley's Charity of the Year of 2016/2017 is the Head of Neck Foundation (HNCF).

50% of the population will develop a cancer during their lifetime: the brutal reality is that many of our families and friends will be struck by this disease. 

HNCF is a young, independent small British charity compared to the usual cancer charity giants. It is run by an active board of trustees that include world renowned surgeons. They target fundraising carefully so that money can be spent where it is needed most: on patient treatment.

The face is a person’s window into the world, as well as being the window through which we are viewed. The object of the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation is to minimise the impact of cancer surgery so that patients can still integrate easily into their community and maintain their quality of life. This can be done by adopting emerging technology to facilitate a ‘less is more’ approach to surgery: less visible surgery can mean more self-confidence, faster recovery and better quality of life.

Because so many cancer treatments are still based on surgery, head and neck cancer stands out because the evidence of surgery is hard to hide and the results of treatment are very visible.  s well as this, the head and neck area is packed with vital structures, including those associated with the senses of sight, hearing, taste and smell, as well as with vital functions such as breathing, swallowing and speech.

HNCF's main goal is to introduce Sentinel Node Biopsy (SNB) throughout the UK to treat mouth cancer. Currently, without SNB, all patients with mouth cancer undergo, at minimum, a complex three-hour neck dissection operation, in order to protect the 30% of patients in whom the disease has spread. This means that a staggering 70% of patients have a major and unnecessary operation. To achieve their goal the charity must raise £500,000. The introduction of SNB will revolutionise the management of mouth cancer in the UK and will set the tempo for Europe and America.

Charity Champion - Harriet Griffin from the PCIM Management Department proposed HNCF as the Charles Stanley Charity of the year for 2016/2017 and here' why:

Having seen the effects of head and neck cancer with my mother who underwent the full head and neck dissection I am determined to help this foundation and help them achieve their goal.

A brush with cancer is perhaps something that will always, internally, leave a deep mark but, with your help, patients will no longer have to be openly scarred for life.

If you would like to hear more about what the charity is trying to achieve please watch these powerful videos.

If you would like to make a donation please click on the link below:

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